The first surgeon in the state of Illinois to perform a Coflex® implant surgery.

coflexThe surgery was not only the first of its kind in the state, but it was also the first two–level Coflex® implant, performed at the Southern Illinois Surgery Center in Marion.

Coflex Interlaminar Implant
Dr. Kube is one of only a handful of doctors around the country to perform this procedure, and the first in Illinois to introduce the Coflex®Interlaminar Implant to his patients at Prairie Spine and Pain Institute. The Coflex® implant by Paradigm Spine received FDA approval in October and is used to treat severe spinal stenosis. The technology is a minimally invasive, non-fusion implant that allows for movement of the spine in both flexion and extension, while also providing stabilization between the vertebrae.

We often decompress the spinal nerves to help relieve pain,” Kube said. “In a number of those cases, especially when there is underlying spinal instability, we have to fuse the patient at the time of the decompression. This device helps us to lower the number of fusions we have to perform.

Patients show greater and natural mobility at treatment and adjacent levels.

Implanting the Coflex® is a minimally invasive procedure and is performed at Prairie SurgiCare.  The Coflex® implant is placed between two vertebrae after decompression to provide spinal stability. The Coflex® implant has shown significant improvement in pain and function, with a shorter operating time and faster patient recovery.  In time, patients show greater and natural mobility at treatment and adjacent levels, which should theoretically lead to fewer revision surgeries. In addition to the added outcomes benefits, this procedure also allows for faster recovery at a lower cost.

This is a revolutionary procedure that is bringing great relief to patients with varying types back pain.