Expert Spine Care

We’ll do our best to get you to your best.

When you come into Prairie Spine and Pain Institute you will notice a different experience as soon as you walk in.  We form a circle of experts across several disciplines to examine your condition and approach it from several sides rather than a single solution. Some might call it innovative, but we like to think of it as inspired—by the patients we see improving everyday.

Integrated, customized care

Spine injuries and pain can affect your life in many ways. That’s why we begin with a comprehensive evaluation to create your personal plan of care. Our goal is to empower you to choose the right treatment options that work best for you.

At the Prairie Spine and Pain Institute you will be evaluated and treated by top-notch, board certified specialists.   Our integrated care team will work together to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and an outcome that improve your quality of life, through the least invasive services.

Dr. Richard Kube

Richard Kube, MD
Spine Surgeon

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Artist -Hiram Toraason