Comfortable surgical suites designed for the complete care of our patients.

Our providers have access to surgical suites that are specifically designed and dedicated to the treatment of spine patients. The available equipment, the design of the room, and the organization of the room is all set up for spine treatments and orthopedic patients.

We have everything needed such as X-Ray, Fluoroscopy, Motion analysis and ultrasound equipment. When new technology is available, we’re able to get it approved immediately. There is no waiting through a variety of committees to be able to treat patients with the newest advancements.

Having that access, when something is available or is given blessing from the FDA and makes sense to our patients and our practice, we can implement those things immediately.

Where comfort and reassurance are key to recovery

We provide care and services for everybody, from simple evaluation and management, where reassurance is key, to rehab, interventional pain, and surgery.

For our patients, anyone who has a spine injury aliment, condition (acute or chronic) who wants to have a family of providers customizing care to their specific desires and needs for outcomes and goals, come to us. You don’t have to be somebody who is looking for a second or third surgical opinion. The majority of our patients don’t require an operation of any kind.