We don’t believe that surgery is the only option for everyone.

Through our comprehensive evaluation we look at your condition to provide you an opportunity to understand all of your options and their side effects clearly. While surgery is an effective tool, it isn’t always necessary to reduce pain for everyone.

Our team goes to great lengths to ensure a proper diagnosis of your condition. We will use all or a combination of digital x-rays, neural conduction sensory exams, functional capacity evaluations and the oswestry disability index find the best solution for you.

As your treatment program moves forward our specialists will continue to monitor your progress through our integrated approach. This will ensure the fastest, easiest and most effective pain relief time line for you. After diagnosing your condition, we will begin the process of relieving you from your pain.

If surgery isn’t necessary, we will begin the process of physical therapy and pain management. Using our pain care specialists and state of the art medical therapy equipment, we will begin to strengthen your back and neck. Your custom tailored spine solution will outline a functional core-strengthening plan to provide you lasting results. Your plan will focus on the surrounding structures of your pain area with an emphasis on regaining balance, strength and endurance. One of the primary results from your functional core-strengthening plan will be the long-term avoidance of disc degeneration and the decreasing of strain on your spine.

Another portion of the pain relief program will take a total mind and body approach, including nutrition and exercise. You will participate in a nutritional consultation with one of our specialists. The goal will be to determine how your physical state responds to changes in your eating habits and use of supplements. Achieving this goal will allow us to empower you add foods into your diet that will best promote your healing process while reducing inflammation.

You will also be coached on daily living activities that best support and damage your body’s healing process. Throughout the entirety of your treatment at the Prairie Spine and Pain Institute, our team of specialists will be monitoring and reviewing your body’s reaction to our therapy. The supervisory process we have in place will allow us to deliver you fast, effective and lasting pain relief in the shortest amount of time.