Dr. Kube Attends Becker’s 10th Annual ASC Conference

Dr. Kube is attending Becker’s 10th Annual Orthopedic, Spine and Pain Management-Driven Conference in Chicago. The conference brings surgeons together with Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) professionals to learn strategic planning and goal setting to evolve with upcoming changes in healthcare.  Dr. Kube is attending the conference and will also deliver two different presentations.

6 Points for Spine & Pain Groups on Recruiting a Health Coach

Becker’s Spine Review recently released an article about recruiting a Health Coach, featuring information provided by our own Scott Anderson, COO of Prairie Spine & Pain Institute in Peoria, Ill. Health coaches can become an important part of building a comprehensive integrated spine and pain management practice where patients receive conservative, functional and interventional therapies.…

Surgery: Questions To Ask

If surgery is being considered for you, you should ask questions. If you do not understand the answers you receive, you should keep asking assertively and politely until the surgery and its effects are explained to you in terms you understand. It might help if you write down your questions before talking with the doctor.…

Managing Back Pain During Sleep

As stated in previous articles, you should use proper body mechanics and good posture to reduce the risk of injury to your back while performing any activity, including sleeping. Also, if you already have back pain, good body mechanics and posture may help minimize your pain and help to prevent further injury.